I have created this website to inform people about the increasingly real possibility of global hyperinflation in the near future.
Hyperinflation has occurred many times before in many different countries but there are now signs that this could be about to happen to the US dollar which is the worlds reserve currency.
Key signs that we could soon experience global hyperinflation:
- unsustainable levels of government debt the US, UK, Japan and some eurozone countries.
- money printing by many of their central banks
- rapidly increasing prices of basic commodities across the globe
- Governments doing everything they can to avoid a depression.

It is hard to believe it could happen today because as it's not in the west's living memory.
But history clearly shows that every fractional reserve fiat paper currency eventually returns to its intrinsic value. nothing.

About Me: 

I am fascinated by money and the way it influences individuals as well as world events. 
I have no formal qualifications in economics or similar.
I believe there is probably a good chance of one of the major currencies collapsing in the next couple of years.
I am a gold bug and a big fan of bitcoin
I have a blog which you can visit:  www.jonathanjamesharrison.blogspot.com

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